EURAKNOS want to strenghten the EU agricultural knowledge base by co-creating « the network to connect all thematic networks », to explore the feasibility of creating a modular database of useful findings from various thematic networks.

What we do?

EURAKNOS wants to reinforce the EU agricultural knowledge base by building the blueprint for a datasystem to enable the farming/rural community easier access to best practices from all EU H2020 Thematic Networks.

To realize this, EURAKNOS will co-create the thematic network to connect all 29 Thematic Networks to map the stored knowledge within each network and to design a common datasystem to make this knowledge better accessible, findable, interoperable and reusable for the agricultural innovation community in Europe.

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How we do it?

EURAKNOS brings together a team of 17 different actors from 11 EU countries from different regions in Europe. They all have relevant innovation expertise in agriculture and forestry, but 9 partners specifically are already coordinators of 10 thematic networks themselves across the 4 cross sectoral themes: crops, livestock, forestry & horizontal.

The EURAKNOS consortium is composed of different organisations according to the multi-actor approach: academia, advisory centres, government institutions, SME, NGO and farmer organisations. Some partners are involved in the European Rural Development Network and others are involved in other relevant H2020 proposals or have strong links with relevant European (e.g. EUFFRAS, member of SCAR SWG-AKIS group) and international organisations (e.g. FAO, OECD, the European Agroforestry).


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