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01 July
03 July

European Organic Congress

The European Organic Congress provides a platform where policy-makers and expert speakers will update you about the latest policy developments and discuss our vision for a post-pandemic Europe.

  • Online
  • 09:00
01 September
04 September

ESA congress

The sixteenth edition of the congress of the European society for agronomy

  • Sevilla
  • 00:00
31 August
03 September

IOBC meeting

Integrated control in protected crops, Temperate climate” and “Integrated control in protected crops, Mediterranean climate

  • Brest
  • 00:00
25 August
28 August

EAAE Congress

Raising the Impact of Agricultural Economics: Multidisciplinary, Stakeholder Engagement and Novel Approaches

  • Prague
  • 00:00


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