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27 February
28 February

INCREDIBLE - Innovative businesses and entrepreneurship for non-wood forest products

This cross-cutting seminar, the second one of INCREDIBLE project, will be entirely devoted to NWFP entrepreneurship, engaging participants through stimulating and participatory ways to express business innovation and creativity. Barriers and drivers to innovation will be assessed and experiences in supporting innovation through EAFRD’s Rural Development measures will be shared and transferred.

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 00:00
03 February
06 February

NEWBIE meeting

The Thematic Network will meet in Ljubljana and welcome new entrants with a mix of scientific conference and field visits.

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 00:00
29 January
31 January

EURAKNOS meets jointly to EUREKA

EURAKNOS annual meeting comes along with EUREKA Kick-off meeting!

2020 is an exciting time for us, as we enter the final year of the EURAKNOS project. We kick off the year in Bruges with a EURAKNOS consortium meeting from the 29th-31st January, which will include the midterm review. Many of the partners involved in EURAKNOS will also be working on the EUREKA TN and therefore the week will begin with the EUREKA kick-off meeting. Participants from both projects will come together on the Wednesday afternoon for networking activities.
The consortium meeting will also include feedback from the Strategic Innovation Board (SIB). The SIB will provide strategic advice to EURAKNOS, ensuring maximum impact of the project for end-users, farmers and foresters, and advisers. The SIB consists of external representatives of various European and international organizations active in the domain of the EURAKNOS objectives. The SIB will be a main source of neutral advice for the project and we are really looking forward to working with the board and acting on the advice that it offers.

  • Bruges
  • 00:00
21 September
27 September

Organic World Congress

Every three years, the organic sector assembles to host the Organic World Congress (OWC), the world’s largest organic gathering.

  • Rennes
  • 00:00
01 September
04 September

ESA congress

The sixteenth edition of the congress of the European society for agronomy

  • Sevilla
  • 00:00
31 August
03 September

IOBC meeting

Integrated control in protected crops, Temperate climate” and “Integrated control in protected crops, Mediterranean climate

  • Brest
  • 00:00
25 August
28 August

EAAE Congress

Raising the Impact of Agricultural Economics: Multidisciplinary, Stakeholder Engagement and Novel Approaches

  • Prague
  • 00:00
20 March
26 March

IFSA 2020 Conference

The 14th European Farming Systems Conference will focus on Farming Systems Facing Climate Change and Resource Challenges.

  • Evora, Portugal
  • 00:00
05 February
06 February

EIP-AGRI Seminar

‘New skills for digital farming'

  • Spain
  • 00:00


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