Newsletter March 2021

Here is the last EURAKNOS newsletter. We will talk about:* The final conference on the 26th of February* National events* Exploitation Strategy Seminar* Video EURAKNOS to EUREKA* Last consortium meeting

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24 mrt. 2021
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Newsletter February 2021

The end of EURAKNOS is coming very soon but we still have a lot to share with you. In this newsletter, we will inform you about:

* The Farmbook: From EURAKNOS to EUREKA

* Raiders of the lost Agricultural Knowledge : What did you miss ?

* The final conference: “From EURAKNOS to the EUREKA of European Knowledge Exchange”

* The importance of EURAKNOS Practice Abstracts

* The EURAKNOS Policy Brief

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24 mrt. 2021
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Newsletter december 2020

For the last newsletter of the year 2020, we have several news for you. The end of the EURAKNOS project is coming soon: It means the last deliverables and last events but also a new beginning with EUREKA.

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